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"The Visionary"


The "The Visionary" is a Peace Mala created with Eqyptian Queen Cleopatra in mind using a blend of stones that reflect her impressive presence during her time of rule.

Chrysocolla is known as the Peace Crystal. It is said that Cleopatra credited Chrysocolla stone to her ability to negotiate peace among nations. Because genuine Chrysocolla is very expensive and rare in 8mm beads, I use Azurite instead, as they hold very similar energies as Chrysocolla is often found in combination with Malachite and Azurite.

For the mala, I used 13 Azurite beads (numbers represented are on each side of the mala) to represent the Divine Feminine and then 5 again, to represent the Lion - thus embracing the Leonine Sun Goddess energies.

In between the Azurite, 7 Lapis Lazuli stones are framed with Sunstone, reminding us to be a vessel for the voice of Spirit while drawing out creative joyful expression. Because this mala is centered around communication and expression, clear quartz is added to draw in clear transmissions; to be attuned to the higher ideals that are for the good of all.

Beautiful amethyst fosters healing, purification, psychic abilities and inner peace. 5 faceted black onyx beads bring the grounded energies of self confidence, spiritual inspiration, objective thinking and helps dispel unproductive habits. Emerald color was chosen for the tassel as it was highly regarded by the Egyptians as a symbol of Royalty and along with the MiKA Star Lion charm, the royal lineage is one of a Divine nature rather that cultural status.

The mala is finished with one framed Pearl for the great spiral journey, the Great Mother of all, feminine energy, fertility and the incredible treasure that resides within each of us as we continue to toil the sands of our inner world until the pearl is formed.

This mala encourages the sharing of wisdom that comes from the heart; to share our inner wisdom and speak our inner truths. It inspires balance between the power of silence and knowing when to speak up, while also protecting the wearer from verbal negativity.

The "Visionary ~ Voice of Peace” talismala is an evolutionary piece to support you to embody your lionhearted voice as an individual and leader. May it serve your highest good and for the good of all.

Like the Lioness, Be Courageous and embrace change
Like the Sun, Trust Yourself and your ancient Inner Knowing
Like Cleopatra, Speak Your Truth & stand up for what you believe in.

Peace IS Possible.

We are the Voice of Peace <3

(The mala is photographed with a 28 million year old Tektite; "Libyan Desert Glass" which is regarded as a very high vibration stone holding the golden ray. It was highly prized stone by the ancient Egyptians and reserved for the Pharaohs.)

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