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Self Love Mala ~ Inner Beloved


Come into alignment with sacred partnership by becoming your own "inner beloved" thorugh the supportive energies of the Self Love Mala.

There are three types of quartz on the mala, along with Moonstone and Amazonite. It is incredibly feminine and pure, yet it is also quite active…..there’s is a spiral of energies working harmoniously as the smokey quartz helps to release what is no longer needed, the rose quartz helps to draw in the new and the faceted quartz is also a powerful purifier and intention setting stone. 2 Amazonite beads, set within moonstone and clear faceted quartz, remind us that sacred partnership involves having the courage to speak the truth to ourselves and others and this is a powerful expression of unconditional love. The intuitive feminine qualities of moonstone bring grace and gentleness to our communications.

The numerology came in so naturally:

13’s (Mary Magdalene in the smokey quartz),
8’s (Ultimate embodiment as Unconditional love & Spirit's abundance in the rose quartz)
3’s (Body, Mind, Soul alignment in the moonstone and clear quartz)
1’s (Sovereign Self - to trust in our inner truth and the courage to make visible what no longer serves in the Amazonite Guru bead, which is also surrounded by Rose quartz at the heart space, I might add! So Gentleness is key!!!!)

The lion "has your back" paired with beautiful dangling beads at the nape of the neck. The lion also offers strength, as becoming Lionhearted is a courageous path!

This is a mala of embodiment though; self care, nurturing, nourishment, gentleness, self love, appreciation, compassion, clarity, grace, grounding.....

The Self Love mala supports you in bringing the SACRED into EVERYDAY LIFE.

Fierceness on the path always seems to be balanced by Grace.
We are ever humbled by Divine Order and we are reminded to trust as All is Well.

This is a mala to reflect this Grace filled Beauty.

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