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Guidance & Integration Mala


“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” ~ Rumi

This is a mala of vitality, life force, spiritual atonement, courage and passion!

The Guidance & Integration Mala suports you with the qualities of:

  • Wakefulness & Awareness
  • Flow & Sensuality
  • Inner Truth
  • Self Love & Compassion
  • Integration & Anchoring of New Energies

Ruby in Kyanite - Said to be helpful for maintaining the increased sensitivity that comes through periods of initiation in the awakening process, while integrating the heightened spiritual energies into the physical body so that one "walks the talk" of their spiritual life in everyday life. It is said to support intuitive awareness, finding the wisdom in dreams, opening new pathways of spiritual connection, inspiration, visions, clarity of purpose and potential. It simultaneously supports both the base and third eye chakras, bringing positivity to the physical experience and can be helpful for those who are feeling lethargic.

Garnet -  Said to be supportive to one's overall health, as is Ruby, especially to the heart, blood and DNA, where our ancestral wisdom resides. It is a stone of regeneration, fortification and strength.

Both Garnet and Ruby are love and relationship stones - releasing sadness and opening to life's possibilities.

Amazonite  - A stone of good health, physically and emotionally, and supportive to the heart and throat chakra. I love this stone and have used it in many of the malas. Known as the Stone of Truth and Courage, it is supportive in walking our true path, the ongoing expression of a fruitful integration!

Rose Quartz - known as the Heart stone. Journeys that integrate at the heart are the most transformative of all. Rose Quartz brings compassion, peace, unconditional love, contentment and gentleness. Rose quartz is mothering, sensual and feminine adding a beautiful balancing energy to a mala that is rich in vitality passion and vision.

Hematite - a grounding and protective during journey / vision work. In this way it supports the integration aspect of this mala, dissolving negativity and strengthening will power, self esteem and concentration.

The X on the tassel symbolizes "Gift"  - a reminder to share your soul, your authentic self is a gift to the world!

Hematite Guru Bead to anchor the intention & energies of this mala.

Size & Fit: Made with 108 high quality gemstones, plus one guru bead. Both 8mm and 6mm beads are counted to 108. The 4mm hematite spacers beads are not counted. Hangs approx 23"

*Due to the uniqueness and beauty of working with nature's creations, there are slight variances in all gemstones. Every effort will be made to create a mala that reflects the image shown. With these natural variations, you will be wearing a mala that is truly made for you.

I hand-knot all the malas personally, in bright daylight, with love and intention. Please allow up to 7 business days for your mala to be made and shipped.

**prices in CDN**

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