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Uniting the Lionhearted

The MiKA mission is Peace. Inner Peace and Global Peace.

The malas are intended to support you in this mission of Peace by empowering you with strength as you courageously share your inner gifts (your miKA) and roar your truth as a New World creative leader.

We are the voices of Peace.

When I was a young girl, I had the sense that the greater healing purpose of my life was to end the cycles of conflict. I sensed that the daily motions of life were not authentic to our true nature. I wondered why people were not happy.

As a teen, I can remember imagining peace in the middle east and seeing the pathway to peace very clearly. It all felt so simple!

When I gave birth to my daughter in 2007, I said a silent vow that "the conflict ends with me." This set me on an intense journey to heal myself and the ancestral wounds in our family lineage through the practice of reclaiming love.

Later that year, my deceased grandfather came to me in a vision, asking for forgiveness for his part in the lineage of pain. I realized that ALL pain is the result of our collective abandoning of LOVE. Of forgetting Love. This also, felt very simple, and with this clarity, I began to forgive.

Peace begins within.

he keys to unlocking the ancient mysteries, the Truth of who we are, and the magic of creation can all be found within the Inner Heart.

As humanity awakens the Lionheart within, we unite in the strength of the light and say NO MORE to the conflict and abuse of LIFE; the horrific conditions against men, women, children, animals and earth, that are not in alignment with the Prophecies of Peace.

I have always believed. 
Peace IS Possible.

Peace is our destiny and our Original Blueprint.

It requires strength and courage to step boldly onto a new path, to be a Guardian of the sacred, to Roar your truth, to Live your purpose and to Shine in a world that often challenges those who show up in this capacity.

When Lionhearted People Unite - Peace Is Possible in OUR lifetime.