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The Symbols


mika malas lion wood pendant
The MiKA laser wood pendants are created with three distinct symbols; the seed of life, the six pointed star and the lion. Within the lion, there are three additional animal symbols; the bull, the eagle and the serpent. Lastly, tassel malas are finished with an X.

The combined symbols and healing gemstones energize the malas into powerful talismans to support you in your path of releasing the illusion of who you are, to embody your highest self. The energy in the symbols awaken as the individual awakens. Symbols have been used to promote dark agendas and it is time that the symbols are reclaimed into the hands of those leading the Love Revolution.

To understand why these symbols were chosen to represent MiKA Malas, you may enjoy reading about the synchronicities that led to the creation of MiKA Malas through a series of events that began in 2013, accelerating in 2015 and continue to unfold each day.

The Symbols:

1. Seed of Life

The seed of life is also known as the Solar Mandala. It is made up of seven interlinking circles that represent the 7 days of creation. The seed of life is created on the 6th day and the 7 day was a day of rest.

In the great shift into the Leo/Aquarian age we are asked to return to a reverent way of living, where our thoughts, words and deed are in alignment and in support of ALL of Creation.

Humanity is being initiated and awakened into remembrance of who we are. With this remembering, comes the divine responsibility, let go of the ignorant ways in which we have destroyed our earthly home and each other and to return to living in sacred balance.

The number 7 (seven circles) is a powerful spiritual number representing spiritual awakening, spiritual enlightenment, inner wisdom and more . . .

The number 7 also represents the Cosmic Streams or paths to higher evolution as presented by Alice Bailey.

The Seed of Life geometry reminds us to consider what we are creating.

What seeds are we planting in our lives?

Do we truly believe our consciousness makes a difference in the world?

When we each "plant" our individual Seeds of Life, we collectively "grow" the Tree of Life; a tree in the Garden of Eden whose fruit imparts eternal life (Gen. 3:22–24) and represents the 4 elements (earth, air, fire, water) and a sign of immortality and integration/healing and wholeness of the soul.


2. Six Pointed Star

The six pointed star is a symbol of Judaism (Star of David), Vishnu the Hindu Creator God and Hermes the Atlantean writer and teacher of the Hermetic texts. This symbol is also known as the Anahata (Heart Chakra) in Hatha Yoga. The MerKaBa is a three dimensional six pointed star and a Zulu word meaning space time dimension vehicle.  The star is the symbol of Metatron representing the Heart Code or Heart Space.

The six pointed star is the union point of the upper and lower chakras, that which is above so it is below, and the union of masculine and feminine energies.

The six pointed star is all that, AND MORE. . .

As it relates to the MiKA Mala pendants, the star represents Sirius, the largest of the close star systems and brightest star in our night sky. Sirius and the constellation Leo have an important connection, as well, there is a significant connection between Sirius and the White Lions of Timbavati.

It is the energies of Sirius, brought though the brightest star (imagine that!) of Regulus (the heart star in the Leo constellation) that guides the initiate through the phases of consciousness (ascension) into the light of the Cosmic Christ or Love.

Under the influence of Leo, the initiate awakens as "Lionhearted" - self aware and oriented to being in service to Creation.

We can look to Sirius and remember that the light of the bright star is within us.

The MiKA Malas also bring awareness to the prophecy of the White Lions. The white lions are avatars; sun gods or avatars and living lions in the Timbavati region. They have been saved from extinction in the wild, thanks to the heroic work of Linda Tucker and Jason Turner.

There is still so much to do as the white lions continue to face a real danger of extinction, mainly due to the incomprehensible greed and disregard for life from poachers in the lion meat and bone trade and the canned breeding and hunting industry.

Spending time with these incredible Beings in March, the heartbreak around knowing their daily plight comes with the majesty of their awesome presence.

Mystery of the White Lions, by Linda Tucker is a fascinating book for those who are called to be in Divine Service and feel a connection to the pyramids, Africa, Lions, Shamanism and Christ Consciousness.

The White Lions, Children of the Sun Gods, bring humanity a message of hope and also a warning during this Shift of Ages:

"God sent his Son to Earth to teach humankind "The Way." He sent his White Lions to Earth for the same reason. The Way is known as Tsau (the origins of the word "Tao"): from the ancient Bushman word meaning: the path of the Star Lion of Angelic Lion." (source: white lion leadership cards from

"What is the White Lion's ultimate Message? It is the same which Christ, Lion of Judah, once brought us: Save the World."

We are our own savior AND the savior's of human kind.

3. The Gryphon: Lion, Bull, Eagle, Serpent.

The Lion, Bull, Serpent and Eagle represent the four fold guardians and nature of truth known as the Gryphon/Griffon.

"The Lion's wisdom must be integrated with that of the Eagle, Bull and Serpent. The Lion indicates the courage of a leader to pursue the Truth. The Eagle illuminates the path to transcendent awareness through the pursuit of Truth. The Bull stands his ground in the face of ignorance and opposition. And, finally, the Serpent cautions that the truth also bites. Knowledge can be used for good or ill. The serpent offers the "Fruit of Knowledge" to Eve and Adam in the Bible. This fable illustrates that, if used for the purposes of Ego, knowledge can result in a Fallen State, leaving you an outcast from the Garden of Eden, expelled from Mother Nature. But use it wisely for universal love, and you will find transcendence."  (source ~ the White Lion Leadership Cards)

The Gryphon represents stages of initiation in the evolution of human consciousness in the search for Truth.

The Lion

The potential of working with Lion Spirit Medicine is the integration of the Higher Soul into form, the physical body, by calling in Truth, to release all you are not and to embrace all that you are. This is a courageous path!! Lion Spirit Medicine supports you in the strength and courage to align your live with your heart. Your Lionheart!!

The lion also offers the wisdom of the Breath and awareness of Lightening. The breath (fire) and lightening (awareness) are key fuels to take the initiate deeper into the self to know thy Self.

Through the breath, we bridge the mind and the heart. Peace can truly be ONE breath away when we choose to infuse the breath into our experiences. The breath creates SPACE in the body and in the experience. This space is created through a gradual opening, and the opening is the space where INSPIREation flows through. Lightening is the illumination of Truth in our lives - the awakening, the enLIGHTENING.

Leo is like an eternal flame, its nature depends on the fuel supplied.
The Lesser Lion burns with his own ego. The Greater Lion is ignited by the fire
of the Divine Will, and glows with the inspiration of heaven-inspired energy.

It is the essence of the Greater Lion, that the initiate understands;
"Not by my Will, Thy will be Done" is the embodied expression of the Leo Aquarian Human who dedicates their lives to group consciousness and service.

The Bull

(Source for the following excerpt:)

"The Sumerians were the first to fix our zodiac in the heavens, and they assigned to Leo the house that the sun must traverse during the summer solstice. The bull, representing the principle of the sacrifice that gives life, is associated with spring, and so Taurus rules the house which the sun traverses in the vernal equinox, when the world returns to life. (3)

In the symbolic language of Sumer, the lion is the great solar animal. Just as the light of the sun never varies, the lion exemplifies the clear light of awareness of eternity. The bull represents the lunar principle, which, waxing and waning in a constant cycle, exemplifies consciousness in the field of time. While the lion-consciousness is eternal and unchanging, the bull-consciousness, like the light of the moon, follows an eternal cycle of death and resurrection."

The Bull is the sign of Taurus. Taurus represents the Earth, the senses and the manifest glory of Creation that is held in balance through the rhythms and cycles of Great Mother Earth. When we enter the time of Taurus, we are reminded to take rest, to eat well, to play, to be in nature and to live simply. Taurus thus represents a time of embodiment.

The bull also represents sacrifice, where the initiate must be willing to sacrifice what he/she has known (ego/illusion) and to become willing and humble in the initiation of Sacred Knowledge.

The bull also represents one who stands, embodied, in the face of injustice and oppression. The Lion gives the Bull the heart of courage to stand firm for Justice.

With Taurus being all about embodiment, it is easy to see how the bull inspires the "lionhearted" initiate to be fully embodied agents of love in the world.

The Serpent

The serpent or snake medicine represents the sacred knowledge. The snake also represents the shedding of the skins, the old illusions and limitations that no longer serve. The snake is both feared and revered and there is a history of confusion around what the snake represents that has suppressed this medicine from being embraced by humanity that, when embraced, serves the great awakening. Whether one is aware of it or not, the awakening experience is activates the serpent fire coiled at the base of the spine that burns through the illusions. It is by the burning fire of light that the initiate is continually burnt down and reborn, like a phoenix, from the ashes into the next phase of awareness. 

The serpent reminds us that Truth bites hard yet it is necessary to face this so that we are carried to higher states of awareness and thus, receive wisdom and knowledge.

The snake is a powerful symbol of death, rebirth and eternity. It is often depicted as a circle with its tail in its mouth, representing wholeness in addition to it being depicted as a spiral, representing the spiral path of transformation.

With the snake in our lives, our creative forces awaken in a process of cellular healing and transformation. In this spiral transformation, we can surrender to these changes and shed our old skin, knowing that we are ONE with life.

The Eagle

The eagle is regarded as the king of birds just as the lion is regarded as the king of beasts. The eagle is also linked to the Sun, strength, courage, wisdom and hidden knowledge.

The eagle shows us how to see things from an aerial perspective, so that we can gain greater clarity as we move through challenges in our lives. The Eagle represents the Air element and thus connects us to Spirit, dramatically altering our vision. The Eagle is our bridge between heaven and earth, spirit and matter, intellect and deep knowing.

The eagle soars beyond borders, representing Freedom.

In my Soul, I am Free -
a perfect mantra of the Eagle.

If we are to fly as high as our hearts can take us, we must face our fears.

Like the lion, the Eagle represents Courage.

"To give up our limited perspectives, to release ourselves from comfortable, familiar thought patterns, even when they don’t appear to be working, and fly into a larger world requires that we are brave enough to enter unknown realms." ~ Ina Woolcott

The eagle takes us to these new lands of inner vision and knowing, teaching us to trust ourselves, to trust what we see and where we are being led.

The X