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Monica Fraser Mika Mala beads Hi, I'm Monica, the founding lioness of Mika malas. Welcome to our family's exploration of right livelihood, leadership, creativity and love.

MiKA malas are hand crafted, love infused pieces, inspired by Lion spirit medicine. They are created to support you in your daily life with courage, strength, truth, wisdom and peace, to support you during soul growth initiatory phases and to remind you of the Sun within - that you are The Light and the Light is You.

I am seeing a growing theme women who connect with me for a custom mala, in that we enter an initiatory process together where the client is stepping into her next highest phase of evolution. In those who feel drawn to wear a lion mala, or have been receiving lion visions, dreams and initiations of their own, I am seeing that this gradual (or rapid!) initiation is centered around the solar plexus and empowering the Solar Feminine. The MiKA malas and the process we enter together extends far beyond us, and I am grateful to be a serving this beautiful magnificent energy however I can and as I am guided.

The Inspiration

A series of Lion visions began coming through in 2013. In 2015, synchronicity led me to explore the White Lion Prophecies. I found Linda Tucker's book Mystery of the White Lions and the pieces came together during a period of accelerated synchronicity and understanding. Then in 2016, 6 months after creating Mika malas, I journeyed to South Africa with a Shamanic group to meet Linda and the Majestic White Lions of Timbavati. This was a powerful trip "home" and of affirming the visions I had been receiving.

MiKA malas is the synergy of multiple visions and experiences, created to inspire truth, love, and peace in all who wear them. They are created to uplift the consciousness of humanity, to unite those who walk in the Path of the Lion, and to support the White Lions of Timbavati, whom are here to teach us how to save ourselves and live in balance with Creation and each other!!

The Meaning of MiKA

Ka means Spirit.  Mika means "Gift from God"  or "he who is like God" (hebrew) and "beautiful fragrance" (japanese). Mika is also the feminine version of (Mike) Michael which also means "who is like God" or "Gift from God."

The name Mika came to me as (mee-ka) yet it is interesting to note that many feel drawn to say Micah (my-kahhh) and I am not surprised of the symbolic link to the Book of Micah representing Life, Hope and Truth. Life, Hope and Truth is also White Lion Wisdom, as I have come to understand it.

MiKA malas are symbols to remind you of the Truth of who you are, to walk courageously towards truth, and to uphold Truth.

By seeing the Truth, we eliminate the plague of self doubt while remaining humble Servents to Creation/Life. Connecting to the Truth in your heart is to connect to the magic that lies within YOU.

As we awaken the truth of who we are, we find the courage, energy and voice to share our miKA and or "Gift from God/Spirit" with the world; to serve in the way that feels true to our heart.

There is an ancient legend of the panther who comes out of his den after three days and roars over the land and all who are near and awakened in Love can smell a sweet fragrance in the air. It is said that this is the fragrance of Spirit or Christ Consciousness.

MiKA (the gift of he/she who is like god) is the expression and embodiment of Love. 

The sweetest fragrance of all.

Why the Lion?

Walking in the path of the Lion is to walk in the path of Truth. This is a path of building strength, a path for the seekers, the courageous and the brave. The Lion has been depicted with gods and goddesses as a symbol of golden wisdom, while also being misused by organizations as a symbol of hierarchy & power, gained through the misuse of dark energy. None the less, those who have been initiated in the path of the lion know the TRUE lineage of light that the Lion represents and they are prepared to release the illusions of the ego in order to realize the Truth of Spirit

The White Lion medicine is LIGHT and the awakening of the Lion Heart. They are messengers of hope yet they also warn; if we do not warm our frozen hearts and become true servants of the earth, animals and each other, we face extinction.

The lion's roar is a reminder of the power of the Breath, the bridge between body and Spirit. Through the breath, the layers of pain stored in the emotional body can be released, releasing pain, and opening up space so that Spirit (light) can (in)form our bodies and thus, create new worlds.

When pain is released, Peace is revealed.

I have always believed Peace is Possible.
Peace is our original Cosmic Blueprint.
Peace within and Peace on Earth.

When Lionhearted People Unite . . .
Peace Is Possible in OUR lifetime.

With Great Love,

Evan, Olivia (in hindsight - doing a partial Simhasana Lion's pose!) and Monica

MiKA Malas Monica Fraser