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Lion Spirit Medicine. Qualities of the Lionhearted.

Lion symbolism is embedded in humanity's history as to help us remember our true nature. The Lions remind us of our true and royal legacy, they represent the sun and gold, wisdom, strength, courage, patience, mastery . . .they also help us to face our Ego, emotions of pride and anger and bridge the lion and the lamb within ourselves so that we can walk in Peace, Compassion and Understanding. The White Lions are Star Gods representing Christ Consciousness. They remind us of our purity, light, potential and lineage of Peace that we have chosen to come here and co-create....

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The Story Behind the MiKA Malas Vision

I hope this story inspires you to listen to the signs that appear in your life and to follow your heart, even when none of it feels logical. I am learning that there is a mysterious place where our dreams and the dreams of the universe come together. This space is possible when reason is suspended for a time so that a vision that exceeds our wildest imagination can come through in its fullness. When the dreams of the heart and the universe unite in the human body, the recipient is transformed to the core. So here is one such...

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Cecil: A Deeper Look into the Death of a Lion King

I am deeply saddened to hear the news of Cecil the Lion tragic death. The big cats; Panthers and Lions have always held a special place in my heart and through the years I have opened to the deeper understanding of why this is so. In 2013, I received a sudden vision of a "Lion King" and then 2015 began a rapid unfolding that has defied logic and swept me in a direction my conscious mind never imagined although looking back, it all makes perfect sense.Amidst the global outcry for justice around this killing, I have also noticed that there...

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Lion Astrology & Consciousness: July1st Full Moon in Capricorn

On June 30th/July 1st, Jupiter and Venus were conjunct - being the closest together they have been in 2000 years. The conjunction occurs at 21 degrees Leo and the planetary alignment has been named the "Star of Bethlehem."While this time was very auspicious, the significance of this time really feels to have been initiated on the full moon in Leo, on February 3, 2015.  During this February full moon, so many of us felt the activation of Leo energies. We were invited to have the courage to live our truth and radiate the fulness of our authentic selves. Leo invited...

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Message from White Lion Ingwavuma

“It is foolish to demand that God prove himself according to the scientific confines which modern man has created for himself. It is foolish to demand the same of the Lions of God. Don’t demand. Listen. It is then that you might hear the most ancient wisdom which could save your life. And Save the World.” ~ Message received from White Lion Ingwavuma, slaughtered by Canned Hunters in 2000"Mystery of the White Lion" by Linda Tucker

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